Gods Of War MC Gods of War Motorcycle Club GOWMC——Gods of War Motorcycle Club——

Gods of War MC is a worldwide NON 1% Military Motorcycle Club for any Commonwealth & Allied country service personnel & their supporters, regardless of gender, colour or ethnicity.

GOWMC started small and local, but over time the premise of our clubs philosophy proved popular and within a short time after forming, another location had been established in New South Wales. After a few years the club started to gain interest from overseas, so in 2014 the club decided to check out the feasibility of setting up in these countries. By mid-2016 we had been established in three countries, with more countries expressing interest.

Gods of War Motorcycle Club has a philosophy of service & brotherhood regardless of whether Army, Navy, Air Force or Marines, we love to live & live to ride. We are a democratic club, each Platoon being autonomous, run by its members for its members. And while we value the friendships we have made with other Clubs, we exist primarily for ourselves. Through our values of Loyalty, Honour, Respect and Service we gain in strength, as we support both male and female members, regardless of race, colour or religion.

Although GOWMC is structured and operates in a similar manner to a traditional MC, governed by regulations and standing orders, with appointed members seeing to the day to day business, we are NOT however a 1% club & use our own terminology which is familiar to service personnel. We do not interfere with the business of any other MC yet we respect them all, nor do we lay ownership claims to any specific territory – our members wear bottom rockers as part of our 4 piece patch to indicate the Country they belong to, not what they control.

Please feel free to have a look around, if you’re interested feel free to contact us, & remember…

Gods Of War MC Gods of War Motorcycle Club GOWMC

Gods Of War MC Gods of War Motorcycle Club GOWMC     Gods Of War MC Gods of War Motorcycle Club GOWMC     Gods Of War MC Gods of War Motorcycle Club GOWMC