The Gods Of War Motorcycle Club “GOW MC”, is a military motorcycle club that was formed by a former British soldier in Victoria, Australia in 2008. we found at the time that no suitable form of club existed, so a small club was established to provide the needs locally.

Our original founding members of the club from 2008 are each classed as a “War God” as a mark of respect. We are a military NON 1% motorcycle clubs, with current interest coming from overseas. This is due in part to the fact that we were created specifically for service personnel of the worlds armed forces. This covers all branches, Army, Navy, Air Force and Marine, whether this service is current or former, regular or reserve. GOW MC does not have any restrictions on gender like other clubs, allowing females to join. We also have no restrictions on make of bikes with power over 600cc.

The club started small and local, but over time the premise of our clubs philosophy proved popular and within a short time after forming, another location had been established in New South Wales. After a few years the club started to gain interest from overseas, so in 2014 the club decided to check out the feasibility of setting up in these countries. By mid-2016 we had been established in three countries, with more countries expressing interest.

The clubs colours are Maroon & Sherwood Green.


Our philosophy is that of Brother (& Sister) hood in the forge of service to our countries and our passion for our Bikes. We actively support all service charities, We Love to Live and Live to Ride as such we set our own standards and we follow our own path.

We are a democratic club, each Platoon being autonomous, run by its members for its members. Although whilst each Platoon is autonomous, they each must follow the rules set out at the foundation of the Club ensuring they adhere to established Club protocols.

While we value the many friendships we have made with other Clubs, we exist primarily for ourselves. Through our values of Loyalty, Honour and Respect we gain in strength and brotherhood.

We stand with the Serving personnel, Veterans & Citizens who object to the lack of action by our governments in the face of Terrorism, excessive immigration, & attacks on our national culture & way of life. GOW supports the actions of any patriotic person willing to take action, or stand against the erosion of our national identities, in favour of appeasing illegal immigrants, migrants, or minorities who try to impose their beliefs, over the rights & laws of the citizens & countries that they have now relocated to. We believe that special exemptions should NOT be afforded to them as that they currently allow minor sentences, or a blind eye to be turned toward violent attacks, such as bombs, acid, sexual assault, drugs, human trafficking & grooming etc.

The law is to be unbiased & impartial, so when a person is tracked down, arrested & prosecuted for voicing an opinion against these above actions, yet takes no action against.. for example, idealists who threaten beheading for disagreeing with their religion.. then the law has failed, & this situation needs to be addressed.


Although we are structured and operate in a similar manner to a traditional MC, governed by rules and by-laws, with elected Officers seeing to the day to day business, we are NOT however, a 1% club. We do not interfere with the business of any other MC, nor do we lay claim to any territory – our members wear bottom rockers to indicate the Country they belong to. We respect your rights and expect the same in return. We are considered fairly unique in our structure as we do not strictly adhere to some of the general guidelines of many MCs, such as our using military titles & ranks for key positions within the club, instead of the traditional titles, such as “President” and “Sgt at Arms”.

We also differ from MCs in that we have what is called an “Armoured” membership. This is for veterans who would normally qualify for membership, but due to illness or disability are now unable to ride a motorcycle, normally these applying for membership to any other club would be declined. This allows for inclusion and helps foster an atmosphere of brotherhood in service.

We also have affiliates, these are referred  to as “CSSB”, & although are not full members of the club, help support us with our activities.

All these differences make this motorcycle club the only one of its kind in the world.

Rules & Regulations

Like any organization, we abide by codes of conduct, our Rules & Regs.

The Rifled Reaper

Our patch is the “Rifled Reaper”, which is the grim reaper with his hood down and wearing a maroon beret. He brandishes two assault weapons with the country’s flag hanging from the barrel. The SA80 (L85) and Union Jack flag always remain on the left but the rifle and flag on the right change dependent upon the country the member is from. “Hawkeye” designed the patch, and our name “Gods of War” came from the British, Commonwealth and US Allied Military being the ones spearheading the way in most military conflicts.

Contact our Personnel Officer on if you have any questions.